How to do a Virtual Birthday Party on ZOOM

3 min readApr 19, 2020


Hi all! When I created this virtual birthday party for my child no one I knew did one and I couldn’t find any suggestions on kid virtual birthday parties…

So if ur kid is having a bday while SIP is happening, I wanted to share what worked for us

  1. Use a Zoom call with a password to keep it secure for your virtual meeting spot. Remember zoom cuts off at 40 min but truthfully that’s all the time that u need! Don’t feel free pressure to pay for the upgrade

2. Ask guests to make a happy birthday sign to show during the call and to show virtual love!

3. Feel free to still do a theme! I was surprised to see the amazing Star Wars costumes some guests wore for our “May the Fourth Be With You!” Star Wars themed party

4. Provide virtual entertainment. This can be anything from telling jokes, to a slideshow of pictures from sharing your screen, or a little mini film short on YouTube from sharing your screen.

5. Record it! There’s a zoom button that allows u to record and save this memory.

6. Still have cake depending on how u feel u can even do just one cupcake! Consider making the cake or cupcake at home, my kid got a kick out of my actually making my toddler’s birthday stars wars cupcake. I happen to have all cake ingredients and frosting at home so I made my very first cupcake! These were just items I happen to have a dollar store purchase a long time ago.

7. Amp the energy up! Have fun! Decorate the background or even upload a theme picture as a zoom virtual background! Make this feels like the most epic virtual birthday party in the history of virtual birthday parties because in your kids world it is!

Our background for our Zoom “May the Fourth be with you Virtual Birthday party!

8. Feel free to do a 50/50 birthday raffle! This is where guests Venmo or PayPal money and every dollar is one raffle ticket, and whosever name gets called gets half of the money made! This was a great way for our family to recover some of what we bought for the birthday party that couldn’t be returned. Use a raffle generator online or write names on pieces of paper and have your kid pull the name.

Send reminders to before the zoom party about the raffle

9. Depending on your size of guests and your time on the call have each person say happy birthday to your kid and give some birthday wishes.

10. Sing happy birthday of course! And of course use a candle! Record this singing while in gallery mode so u can see each persons face!