Sesame Place San Diego Tips & Tricks from a Parent

4 min readApr 19, 2022


Sesame Place San Diego Sign
  1. It is not in San Diego, it is in Chula Vista which is in San Diego county. Be aware of this when booking hotels.
  2. You must simply go to Sesame Place, its so magical. I recommend it for all ages. The dry rides are more for the younger but the water rides are more for older kids including teenagers
  3. The Cheapest parking is 35 dollars. They accept cards. I was pretty shocked how the parking here is ten dollars more Legoland which is located in San Diego also.
  4. The food is expensive here and not the best tasting. There are Vegetarian options. You would be better bringing in your own food even if just sandwiches. I usually love theme park food esp the snacks esp at Legoland and Disneyland but here it was meh and just as expensive as prices for food in San Francisco. Even Disneyland food was cheaper.
  5. They have amazing sensory guides on every attraction and its so helpful for every person before going on a ride or attraction. This is because the Theme park is a certified autism center and all staff are trained.
Sesame Place San Diego Sensory Guide

6. This place was originally a waterpark and all the waterpark parts are still there and re-themed so if you happen to have older kids along with your young ones the older ones can stick more to the water park rides.

7. If you need accessibility with anything, the park is more than willing to accommodate truly in anyway and in my experience went above and beyond in this area. This theme park is a certified Autism center.

8. Engaging and taking pictures with the characters on Sesame Street is truly the best perk. Do lots of this.

9. Don’t miss out on the Storytime with big bird if you have a young child. When I asked my child what was their favorite part of the day, they said Big bird reading me a story. It was truly special!

10. The waterpark and then park parts are all together side by side in the park. Bring a coverup over your swimsuit to bounce between both.

11. If it’s a rainy day, still go and make what you can of it.

Sesame Place San Diego has a Rainy Day guarantee even though not listed on their newly formed website. If it’s rainy AND when the rides or performances shut down because of this make sure to ask for the rainy day guarantee to get your comp tickets to come back within that same calendar year. This happened to us when they cancelled the parade and we got our comp tickets to come back again. I didn’t have to argue with anyone and it was fast and easy to get the tickets. But you must ask at the ticket booth located right outside the park

12. Bring a water bottle. There are water fountains all around the park.

13. Around Covid-19 safety, everything is located outside except restrooms, taking pictures with Elmo and friends photo shop and Hoopers store. All dining is outdoors and there is no indoor dining. Even inside hoopers store there are no doors closed and it is wide open with lots of ventilation. There are even outdoor changing rooms if you don’t want to change in the restroom.

Big Bird Autographing our Sesame Street Board Book

14. Bring a autograph book, or a Sesame Street book you own to sign, or you can buy autograph book in Hoopers store if you really want too. Each a character has a different signature and it was so cool collecting each one. Bring your black sharpie too.

Big Bird’s Autograph

15. Looks for the buttons to press on Sesame Street. Ring the doorbells. Knock on Oscar the grouch’s trash can. It just so fun the little touches.

Buzzing the apartments on Sesame Street

16. Lastly unleash you inner child and really enjoy the magic of Sesame Street. Hug the characters, take pictures with then, get their autographs and enjoy!